Helene Kirchmair was born in Hall in Tirol, Austria in 1981.
At the age of 30, after she had done internships at several potters and ceramists in scotland, she began her career as a ceramist - attended a college of ceramics in Germany in order to learn the fundamental ceramic techniques from which she graduated in 2014.
She currently lives and works in Austria.
She has set up her own studio and is networking within the international ceramic scene having her work exhibited in solo- and group-shows allover Europe.
She has recieved awards for her work, her pieces can be seen in important museums and in various private collections. She is member of artaxis and Homo Faber and since 2022 co-organizor of the IKSIT-symposia.
Ceramics has remained her favourite material, eventhough she often also uses mixed media for her unique pieces and installations.